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Pelin Kesebir

Pelin Kesebir

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My research explores different aspects of existential human motivation and its implications for individual and societal well-being. I am particularly interested in studying how existential concerns can be a source of strength and virtue rather than a source of dread and destruction. I have studied, for example, how perceptions of (secular) sacredness, or famous people who represent cultural values, can protect people against existential anxiety and its potentially toxic byproducts.

Primary Interests:

  • Culture and Ethnicity
  • Emotion, Mood, Affect
  • Life Satisfaction, Well-Being
  • Motivation, Goal Setting
  • Personality, Individual Differences
  • Political Psychology
  • Self and Identity

Journal Articles:

Other Publications:

Pelin Kesebir
Madison, Wisconsin 53726
United States

  • Phone: (312) 330-1132

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